What is AmeriCorps?


AmeriCorps is a National Service program where people serve communities all across the United States. Americans of all ages and backgrounds give their time and talent to address important issues such as education, health, disaster relief, and nature conservation. There are many kinds of AmeriCorps programs, but Marshfield Clinic Health System (MCHS) is home to 2 unique health-focused programs: Community Corps and Recovery Corps.

Each year, AmeriCorps makes a big impact on the lives of Americans but that requires a network of people and support. The graphic below breaks down a few key groups who contribute to the success of our MCHS AmeriCorps programs. Click on each of the titles to learn more.

AmeriCorps - The Federal Agency
Part of the United States Government. 
Governs and controls all AmeriCorps programs across the country.


Serve Wisconsin
Monitors and supports all AmeriCorps programs in the state of Wisconsin.


                 Marshfield Clinic Health System 
Facilitates two AmeriCorps programs each with host sites and members across Wisconsin.


Community Corps
An MCHS Public Health AmeriCorps program that provides capacity building support to community health organizations.


Recovery Corps
An MCHS Public Health AmeriCorps program that provides substance use recovery services through programs and 1:1 coaching at community health organizations.