Community Corps Host Sites

Organizations across Wisconsin apply each year to host an AmeriCorps Community Corps member(s) to help increase their capacity to address community health needs. Many programs, especially in rural areas, could benefit from additional staff to increase their reach, effectiveness, and/or efficiency.


"I've never been so proud of two individuals for their hard work and organization. They have been truly amazing helping us with so many projects and our event, it has truly been a saving grace to have both of them."
- Alan D.

"We have had AmeriCorps members for the past four years - they are INVALUABLE!! Adding AmeriCorps to our school has been one of the best initiatives we have EVER undertaken."
- Margie G.

"Our AmeriCorps member has added additional capacity to the department and therefore moved some projects forward that may have been tabled or dropped due to lack of resources and capacity."
-Marta M.



Wisconsin organizations that work towards addressing local community health priorities are eligible to host a Community Corps member. This could include, but is not limited to, work on...
  • food and nutrition
  • mental health
  • substance use*
  • environmental health
  • physical health
  • injury and violence
  • healthy growth and development
  • health equity
  • oral health
  • reproductive health

*If your organization is specifically focused on providing alcohol and substance use services, be sure to also check out our Recovery Corps program.


Requirements & Responsibilities

Community Corps Host Sites are required to provide their member(s) with a supervisor who is able to oversee the member and verify time sheets.  Organizations also must provide any materials necessary for the member to complete their service such as work space, computer, and an organization email. Hosting a Community Corps member also comes with a reasonable cash match payment – more details on the payment can be found within the Host Site Information Packet found on the application page linked here.

Organizations are ultimately responsible for recruiting their member(s) as well. While MCHS does generally promote the Community Corps program, we have limited capacity to assist each individual organization with specific and targeted recruitment efforts. 

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