Recovery Corps Host Sites

Organizations across Wisconsin apply each year to host an AmeriCorps Recovery Corps member(s) to provide alcohol and substance use recovery services. Many organizations, especially in rural communities, could benefit from additional staff capacity to work on programs that reduce substance use.

"It’s a valuable resource to the communities we serve, and we hope it helps many people in their journeys to recovery.”
- Bryanne S.
“Recovery Coaches provide a neutral support outside our service with an increased frequency of contact that maintains momentum of the patients’ efforts in treatment.”
- Barry W. 



If your organization’s target population could benefit from recovery support services from a trained AmeriCorps member, you are eligible to apply to be a Recovery Corps host site! Examples of eligible organizations could include:
  • Law enforcement agencies
  • County jails
  • Public health departments
  • Social service departments
  • Health care organizations
  • Local coalitions
  • Other non-profit, governmental, or tribal agencies


Requirements & Responsibilities

Recovery Corps Host Sites are required to provide their member(s) with a supervisor who is able to oversee the day-to-day activity of the member and verify time sheets.  Organizations also must provide any materials necessary for the member to complete their service such as work space, computer, and an organization email. Hosting a Recovery Corps member also comes with a reasonable cash match payment – more details on the payment can be found within the Host Site Information Packet found on the application page linked here.

Organizations are ultimately responsible for recruiting their member(s) as well. While MCHS does generally promote the Recovery Corps program, we have limited capacity to assist each individual organization with specific recruitment efforts.


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For More Information

Contact [email protected] for general program inquiries.