Serve Wisconsin

Serve Wisconsin acts as the governing board for all AmeriCorps programs in the state of Wisconsin. They receive funding from the federal government and distribute it as grant dollars to Wisconsin non-profit organizations who have been selected to run AmeriCorps programs. As a result, Serve Wisconsin is also responsible for monitoring all programs, making sure that all programs adhere to federal funding regulations. Currently, Serve Wisconsin oversees 24 AmeriCorps programs in Wisconsin with 2 of them being at Marshfield Clinic Health System (MCHS): Community Corps and Recovery Corps.

During the 2020-2021 program year, 748 AmeriCorps members served over 640,000 hours in Wisconsin communities with the following results:

  • 700 Pre-K students,  14,905 K-12 students, and 1,180 post-secondary students participated in AmeriCorps educational support programing
  • 1,279 students participated in tutoring, academic coaching, extended learning, and after school programs
  • 1,551 students participated in after-school and extended learning programs
  • 1,059 high school students completed college preparation and academic support programs
  • 1,180 economically disadvantaged college students with unique or exceptional needs participated in an academic support program
  • 2,827 individuals participated in health-based programming focused on health education, healthy living, health care access, community resource navigation, or recovery from substance addiction
  • 2,430 students received nutrition education
  • 655 individuals with disabilities participated in therapeutic recreational activities
  • 18 veterans and 59 family members participated in weekend camps for veterans and their families
  • 6 single-family homes were constructed and sold to low-income individuals, families, or people with disabilities
  • 167.5 acres of parks or public land and 19.5 miles of trails and rivers were improved
  • 7,180 individuals received environmental education
  • 54 organizations received capacity building services to make positive changes in their level of competence and/or greater levels of success

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