Community Corps

Community Corps is a unique Public Health AmeriCorps program that matches community health based organizations with dedicated individuals interested in advancing health priorities in Wisconsin communities. More specifically, Community Corps has a dual purpose within the realm of public health: to increase the capacity of community agencies to tackle urgent health challenges and to strengthen the public health workforce.

Capacity Building
Many organizations, especially in the most rural areas in Wisconsin, simply do not have enough staff to accomplish all that the community needs of them. As a result, Community Corps members are able to temporarily join an organization’s team to provide increased program efficiency, effectiveness, and/or reach.
Strengthening the Public Health Workforce
The COVID-19 pandemic showcased the urgent need for an expansion of the public health workforce. Community Corps is one way in which this can be accomplished in Wisconsin. Members are provided with Foundational Public Health Training through the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), mini Community Health Worker training sessions via Milwaukee Area Health Education Center, hands-on public health experience at their host site, and a variety of other training opportunities and resources. Successful participants leave the program pursing a path in the public health sector and/or being better equipped as a public health advocate for their community.

The benefits of Community Corps are three-fold: organizations benefit from the support, communities benefit from health related programming, and participating individuals benefit from professional development. While the program is only in its second year of operation, the impact on Wisconsin communities is already great. Take a look at a few program highlights below.