Members and Staff Gather for Fall Meet-Up Event

October 20, 2023


After successfully kicking off the new term of service virtually on September 11, 2023, MCHS AmeriCorps members and staff from across the state gathered in Stevens Point for the Fall Meet-Up. This one-day event intended to bring Community and Recovery Corps members together for some networking, motivation, and support to successfully carry out their service terms.

Motivational speaker Paul Wesselmann, also known as The Ripples Guy, opened the day with an active session on making a positive impact in the communities we serve, both for ourselves and for others. Members also participated in Question, Persuade, Refer Training with Christina Garcia, a session that taught attendees how to recognize someone in a mental health crisis and then get them the proper care they need. Lastly, all attendees, staff and members alike, had time to come together, converse, connect, and truly share in the AmeriCorps experience.

Attendees of the event walked away saying “It was SO nice to be able to meet everyone and get to know everyone on a more personal level!” and “It was awesome connecting in person pushing us out of our comfort zone.”  All in all, it was a successful day that left everyone excited for the next opportunity to get together in person. With nearly 100 members enrolled across Community Corps and Recovery Corps combined, this event was a great kickoff to an even better year of service.