Recovery Corps Members Advocate for Others Around the Holidays

December 29, 2023

During the month of December, two MCHS Recovery Corps members spoke out about the difficulties those in the recovery community may face during the holiday season.

Jenn Podeweltz, serving at Marshfield Medical Center - Weston, was featured in an article by WSAW discussing alcohol consumption around Christmastime. Jenn shared that planning ahead for holiday gatherings and events can really help set someone in recovery up for success. “Know what would make them feel uncomfortable and really have those conversations before you have your get-togethers so everybody can go in there and feel like they can all have a good time, and everyone’s included and nobody feels pressured in any way.” Jenn even goes on to share more about how everyone can evaluate their drinking habits. Check out the full article here.

Christian Johnson, recovery coach at Marshfield Medical Center - Eau Claire, also had an opportunity to share his perspectives on the difficulties of navigating the New Year's holiday for those struggling with addiction. Christian shared, "It's very easy, especially for alcoholics, to see all the alcohol around, during the holiday and say, you know, it's Christmas, it's New Year's Eve, I'll just do it this one time, and then you do do it that one time, and then it rolls downhill in a very negative way, and traps you back into that lifestyle." He even went on to share some tips for staying sober and his contact information for anyone who may someone to support them through the holiday. Check out the full article here.

*Image by master1305 on Freepik