Recovery Corps Member Presents at 2023 Wisconsin Harm Reduction Conference

July 2023

Marshfield Clinic Health System (MCHS) AmeriCorps - Recovery Corps presented to over 400 attendees in June at the Wisconsin 2023 Harm Reduction Conference organized by the Wisconsin Department of Health Services. Their session entitled Nothing for Us Without Us: Navigating Recovery Pathways Together highlighted how their program addresses rural substance use through an integrated approach that leverages the voices of AmeriCorps members who have lived experience with substance abuse disorders, serving as recovery coaches. The presentation was led by MCHS Recovery Corps AmeriCorps member Jamie Thibedeau, who is serving at Marshfield Clinic Chippewa Falls Center, and MCHS program staff Meagan Barnett and Christina Garcia.

As part of their session, Jamie shared her personal story, including describing what service looks like for MCHS Recovery Corps members and how her AmeriCorps service has impacted her life. Reflecting on being able to share about the impact of the program, Jamie explained that "my experience speaking at the Harm Reduction Conference was inspirational and fulfilling. I believe that being seen and heard is vital in the recovery process, and being able to share my success with everyone was amazing. My goal is to put hope in the lives of everyone who attended the presentation that there is a beautiful life after addiction and I am living it! Also that professionals can see that there is a place for Recovery Coaches and AmeriCorps with MCHS Recovery Corps is the place to be!”

Pictured from left to right: Christina Garcia, Recovery Corps Program Staff, Meagan Barnett, Recovery Corps Program Staff, and Jamie Thibedeau, Recovery Corps Member
Article written by Serve Wisconsin.