Senator Tammy Baldwin Visits with Recovery Corps Member

August 14, 2023



While participating in a roundtable discussion with public health officials, law enforcement, and other community members in Ladysmith, a Recovery Corps member had the chance to share her story surrounding substance use. Jamie Thibedeau is now 2 and half years sober after battling addiction for 11 years. Within the past year, Jamie decided to not shy away from her recovery and instead 'recover out loud' by becoming a recovery coach. She uses her experience with addiction and recovery to help support individuals battling addition themselves, helping them to find their recovery too. 

"It was just terrific to be here in Ladysmith, and hear from so many who are in the front lines of fighting our opioid epidemic, and other substance abuse epidemics that we see in our communities across the state," said Baldwin.

Jamie will continue her service as a recovery coach in the Ladysmith community during the 2023-24 AmeriCorps service term. To read more about what Jamie has to say, and the roundtable event, visit News 18 - WQOW.