Members and Staff Gather for Fall Meet-Up Event

October 20, 2023


After successfully kicking off the new term of service virtually on September 11, 2023, MCHS AmeriCorps members and staff from across the state gathered in Stevens Point for the Fall Meet-Up. This one-day event intended to bring Community and Recovery Corps members together for some networking, motivation, and support to successfully carry out their service terms.

Motivational speaker Paul Wesselmann, also known as The Ripples Guy, opened the day with an active session on making a positive impact in the communities we serve, both for ourselves and for others. Members also participated in Question, Persuade, Refer Training with Christina Garcia, a session that taught attendees how to recognize someone in a mental health crisis and then get them the proper care they need. Lastly, all attendees, staff and members alike, had time to come together, converse, connect, and truly share in the AmeriCorps experience.

Attendees of the event walked away saying “It was SO nice to be able to meet everyone and get to know everyone on a more personal level!” and “It was awesome connecting in person pushing us out of our comfort zone.”  All in all, it was a successful day that left everyone excited for the next opportunity to get together in person. With nearly 100 members enrolled across Community Corps and Recovery Corps combined, this event was a great kickoff to an even better year of service.



Recovery Coaches Speak Out at Northwoods 'Light Up the Night' Recovery Event

September 28, 2023

September is National Recovery Month and two of our own Recovery Coaches honored the month at a local event. Shirlee Knox and Erika Brigham attended 'Light Up the Night' in Rhinelander, Wi with many local mental health, addiction, and recovery organizations, and even had the opportunity to be interviewed by local news. Check out the full story here!









Successful Service Term Comes to an End

September 6, 2023

Group of individuals with hands raised in the air

The 2022-23 AmeriCorps term of service came to an end on August 31, 2023, with a total of 58 Community Corps and 17 Recovery Corps members successfully completing their term. Each individual dedicated their time to serving communities all across the state of Wisconsin, making a positive impact in all areas of public and community health – substance use prevention and recovery, mental health, environmental health, youth development, food security, nutrition, access to resources, health equity, and so much more.

While the endless individual stories of service are what truly speaks to the impact that was made, there are a few astonishing statistics that help to paint the picture of the service that took place. Throughout nearly 12 months, members across both programs completed a total of over 100,000 hours of service! This time included providing support to 45 Community Corps and 12 Recovery Corps non-profit, host site organizations and leveraging over 4,250 volunteers.

Furthermore, members from each program celebrated a few unique accomplishments. Recovery Coaches maintained relationships with 102 individuals in the community, guiding them through their own recovery journeys. 7 of our Community Corps members completed the Community Health Worker training through Milwaukee Area Health Education Center with 5 additional members beginning the training as well.

Several individuals even chose to extend their commitment of service for another term. 22 Community Corps and 11 Recovery Corps members will be returning to serve with us for the 2023-24 service term. The returning members will join a lively new cohort of individuals starting on September 11, 2023.

A special thanks to all who made this past year a success. We could not support such a successful program without Federal AmeriCorps, Serve Wisconsin, Marshfield Clinic Health System and their staff, non-profit organizations from across Wisconsin, site supervisors and, last but certainly not least, our dedicated AmeriCorps members.



Senator Tammy Baldwin Visits with Recovery Corps Member

August 14, 2023



While participating in a roundtable discussion with public health officials, law enforcement, and other community members in Ladysmith, a Recovery Corps member had the chance to share her story surrounding substance use. Jamie Thibedeau is now 2 and half years sober after battling addiction for 11 years. Within the past year, Jamie decided to not shy away from her recovery and instead 'recover out loud' by becoming a recovery coach. She uses her experience with addiction and recovery to help support individuals battling addition themselves, helping them to find their recovery too. 

"It was just terrific to be here in Ladysmith, and hear from so many who are in the front lines of fighting our opioid epidemic, and other substance abuse epidemics that we see in our communities across the state," said Baldwin.

Jamie will continue her service as a recovery coach in the Ladysmith community during the 2023-24 AmeriCorps service term. To read more about what Jamie has to say, and the roundtable event, visit News 18 - WQOW.



Recovery Corps Member Presents at 2023 Wisconsin Harm Reduction Conference

July 2023

Marshfield Clinic Health System (MCHS) AmeriCorps - Recovery Corps presented to over 400 attendees in June at the Wisconsin 2023 Harm Reduction Conference organized by the Wisconsin Department of Health Services. Their session entitled Nothing for Us Without Us: Navigating Recovery Pathways Together highlighted how their program addresses rural substance use through an integrated approach that leverages the voices of AmeriCorps members who have lived experience with substance abuse disorders, serving as recovery coaches. The presentation was led by MCHS Recovery Corps AmeriCorps member Jamie Thibedeau, who is serving at Marshfield Clinic Chippewa Falls Center, and MCHS program staff Meagan Barnett and Christina Garcia.

As part of their session, Jamie shared her personal story, including describing what service looks like for MCHS Recovery Corps members and how her AmeriCorps service has impacted her life. Reflecting on being able to share about the impact of the program, Jamie explained that "my experience speaking at the Harm Reduction Conference was inspirational and fulfilling. I believe that being seen and heard is vital in the recovery process, and being able to share my success with everyone was amazing. My goal is to put hope in the lives of everyone who attended the presentation that there is a beautiful life after addiction and I am living it! Also that professionals can see that there is a place for Recovery Coaches and AmeriCorps with MCHS Recovery Corps is the place to be!”

Pictured from left to right: Christina Garcia, Recovery Corps Program Staff, Meagan Barnett, Recovery Corps Program Staff, and Jamie Thibedeau, Recovery Corps Member
Article written by Serve Wisconsin.

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